Indiana Yearly Meeting - Muncie, IN
Welcome to Indiana Yearly Meeting!

Creating environments that empower churches and individuals to be disciples of Jesus Christ and to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

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*A Christ-centered yearly meeting which values the authority of scripture and the mutual accountability a yearly meeting provides.
*Committed to helping local meetings connect to other Friends meetings in order to promote the growth of the Body of Christ.
*Dedicated to providing discipleship skills & knowledge of the Bible to new and existing Friends’ members and attendees.
*Available to help identify, train, and hold accountable chosen leaders working for local meetings, the yearly meeting and special mission projects.
*There is no other way to a relationship with God except through Jesus Christ
*The Holy Spirit speaks to us in terms that are never contradictory to what the Bible clearly teaches.
*That salvation is not earned by good works, but is received by faith in Christ Jesus.
*In sharing the gospel to the entire world, while being committed to peace, equality of all persons, and integrity in our dealings with others.
*To embrace an Orthodox Christian identity that is centered on Christ.
*To commit ourselves to leadership development in the local church and its members.
*To invest in the next generation of believers through prayer and inclusion of them into the work of the Church.