Year-Themed Curriculum

As a part of the shaping the future process in IYM a year or so ago, a need that came out was for curriculum.  An idea we had to try to meet that need was to tie the Youth Ministry events (Winter Sneak, Summer Camp, Fall Impact, Youth Ministry Invasions, etc.) under one theme.  We also thought it would be good to bridge the gaps between the events by providing monthly lessons on that theme.  Periodically, you will see Word File lessons along with video teachings posted here.  We look prayerfully forward as we see how this tool might impact how Youth Ministry happens in IYM.

The new theme, going from now through the next camping season is REWIRE from Psalm 51:10-12.  Lesson #1 from that series is now up.

Click HERE for Lesson #1 (Word File)
Clich HERE for Lesson #1 (Video)

The theme for 2016 was 'Doing Life' from John 1:14.  Here is a link to an archive of all of those lessons (Word Files and videos)
Click HERE  for the Doing Life material (Lessons 1-5 and Lesson 7...Lesson 6 was taught at camp)