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Kristen Lowe of Bear Creek Friends has created a curriculum on what Evangelical Quakers believe for kids.  Click HERE to view or download the materials. If you have questions for Kristen, you can email her at 

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**NOTE...we are only able to pay to up 1/2 the total cost in scholarship this year.



2018 Quaker Haven Camp Dates and Prices

Live Your Life Camp - June 8-10 (Ages 20-30) Cost: $ 50 

Jr. High Camp - June 10-15 (grades 7 & 8) Cost: $ 296

Sr. High 1 Camp – June 17-22 (grade 9 – 2018 Grads) Cost: $ 296  

Beginner Camp - June 15-17 (K-2 with parent/grandparent/guardian)         Cost: $ 156

Adventure Camp – June 24-29 (grades 5 & 6) Cost: $ 296

Little Friends Camp – July 8-11 (grades 2, 3 & 4) Cost: $ 196                                                    

Sr. High 2 Camp – July 15-20 (grade 9 – 2018 Grads) Cost: $ 296

The 2017 Camp Videos are HERE!!! 

(Click on the links to view or download)

Click HERE for the Junior High Video 

Click HERE for the Senior High 1 Video

Click HERE for the Adventure Camp (5th-6th Grades) Video 

Click HERE for the Little Friends Camp (3rd-4th Grades) Video 

Click HERE for the Senior High 2 Video 

Click HERE for a Highlight video of ALL the camps


IYM Christian Education Library

Click HERE for full listing of materials available in the IYM CE Library (Located in the Muncie office)

Click HERE for a full listing of materials available from the Yearly Meeting CE Closet (Located at Quaker Haven).  Contact Brock Sizelove if you want to borrow any of these materials

Click HERE for audio teaching from Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention 2015