2018 Fund-Raising

Why are we raising funds?
When Indiana Yearly Meeting reconfigured in 2013 it resulted in the loss of approximately a third of our churches, a third of our membership, and consequently a third of our normal assessment income.  A spontaneous outpouring of voluntary financial support from individuals and churches resulted.  In that first year without a formal fundraising effort over $56,000 was voluntarily contributed to IYM for the 2015 budget, allowing the yearly meeting to continue normal programming and staffing without interruption.
Experiencing such generosity and Divine provision has been a huge blessing and spiritual encouragement for all of us.  As future budgets were prepared the yearly meeting made a corporate decision to continue to depend upon voluntary giving to raise a significant part of the annual program budget.  Combining faith and careful stewardship we are raising these supplemental funds in the year before they are needed.  For example, our goal is to raise funds for the 2019 budget by yearly meeting sessions in 2018. 
Has fundraising been successful?
Yes! Friends across IYM and beyond have generously provided voluntary contributions that have enabled us to maintain valuable programming and valued staff.  Overall, in each year since reconfiguration we have recorded more income than expenses and for the first time in several years we’ve been able to verify that we have enough money in our treasury to cover all of our restricted funds.  Depending upon God to prompt voluntary giving has resulted in a much healthier financial position for IYM.
Do churches still pay assessments?
Yes, we have not discarded the traditional assessment for each member monthly meeting, however we have revised the formula for calculating assessments resulting in decreased assessment obligations for 80% of our churches.  Nearly all of our churches now pay 100% of their assessments, with some paying above their required levels, more than making up the difference for the few who are not paying 100%.
We believe that Indiana Yearly Meeting should not be a financial burden to our member meetings.  If a yearly meeting unwisely expands its financial demands upon local churches, we risk stifling local ministry.  At the same time, we hope that the yearly meeting provides real value to its member meetings, making support of the yearly meeting budget a wise investment that equips meetings for important local ministry.  
How is the fundraising goal amount determined?
We are currently raising funds for the 2019 budget, however this budget will not be set until July of 2018.  We are estimating what our normal sources of income will be (assessment income makes up most of our normal income) and what our expected expenses will be as well.  The difference between those will likely be at least $102,000. As you can see, our goal is based upon a projection of what the actual need will be. 
 What are the details of the current fundraising effort?
The effort to raise funds for the 2019 has the goal of raising $102,000 by the beginning of yearly meeting session in 2018 (July 26). Many Friends responded generously to a year-end appeal letter in December and we have already raised over 50% of our goal. April 15 has been designated as the date for this year’s “IYM Sunday” and we hope that each congregation will use this day to share the good news of IYM with their attenders and encourage participation in the goal to raise $102,000.
Would someone be willing to talk to me about IYM?
Absolutely!  We have a list of leaders in IYM who are ready to visit you or your meeting for some one-on-one conversation or to speak to your whole congregation on behalf of the yearly meeting.  Our staff is also eager to visit with you or your church.  Please contact the General Superintendent at 
doug@iym.org or directly by phone at 765-744-8136 to let us know how we can best communicate with you or your Meeting.
How can I donate?

  • Checks can be made out to “Indiana Yearly Meeting” and mailed to IYM at 4715 N. Wheeling Ave. Muncie, IN 47304.


  • Donations of stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. are also welcome.  We have a partnership with Everence Financial Services (formerly Mennonite Mutual Aid) and will be glad to introduce you to Everence advisors who will be able to assist you to receive maximum tax benefit from such gifts.  Contact the General Superintendent for more information on this option. 


  • Online donations are also welcome.  From www.iym.org click on the “Donate online” link on the left menu.  IYM will receive approximately 97% of your contribution made online after processing fees are deducted. 


  • Pledges will gratefully be received.  An email to iyminfo@iym.org indicating your intent to make a contribution by July 2018 will be sufficient.  Please indicate the amount of your pledge in your email.