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Representative Council Meeting

Saturday, April 13, 9 am

Fairmount Friends


Committee Day,

Tuesday, May 14, 6:30 pm

South Marion Friends



USFW Spring Gathering

Saturday, April 13, 9 am

Friends Memorial

Speaker: Joyce Ajlouny, Ramallah Friends School

Lunch will be served. 



Yearly Meeting Minute

Ron and Linda Selleck will be with us at IYM sessions, July 25-28, at Quaker Haven Camp. Ron, our guest speaker, has experience as a Friends pastor but for the last two decades has been training ministry students as an instructor at John Wesley College (now Laurel University) and Carolina Graduate School of Divinity. Linda will be our guest worship leader. A recorded Friends minister, Linda is in her 20th year on the ministry team of High Point Friends Meeting in North Carolina where she also serves as music teacher at High Point Friends School. Robin Richey from Raysville Friends will be our pianist throughout IYM sessions. We look forward to times of inspiring worship at IYM this summer!

Reconfiguration Update

     The IYM website will soon include an updated section that will have a summary of the reconfiguration process, the approved reconfiguration recommendation, updated timeline and FAQs, and a list of affiliation decisions made by current meetings. 

    Some of the meetings who will no longer be members of IYM are creating “A New Association of Friends.” Information about this group can be found at

    West Milton is the most recent meeting to indicate its choice to continue as members in IYM. As of this writing 43 meetings have chosen to remain in IYM, 13 have chosen to not affirm continuation in IYM, and seven have yet to announce their decision. One church (Antioch Chapel) has chosen to discontinue their meeting so they no longer meet. 

    Meetings planning to join the New Association of Friends must declare their intention to do so by May 30 in order to be eligible to be calculated into the proportional distribution of unrestricted   endowment funds that will be made by IYM to the New Association. 

    Richmond First Friends recently notified IYM that they are relinquishing their claim to the funds held in the IYM endowment in their name since that money was originally given to care for the meetinghouse where IYM held its annual sessions. 


Friends Fellowship Community will be on the agenda of the April 13 meeting of Representative Council. A request will be made that IYM not contest or object to FFC not meeting the stipulation in its Articles of Incorporation that a majority of its Board of Trustees be members of IYM. Due to reconfiguration, FFC will not be in compliance with this requirement. This is the only approval to be requested of Representative Council. Details regarding possible changes in FFC’s future relationship with IYM will be shared.


The Wabash Friends Counseling Center will start a grief and loss support group called GriefShare. This is a video series featuring some of the nation’s foremost Christian experts on grief. 
This support group will run for 13 weeks and starts on May 6th, Wednesday, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Wabash Friends Church (3563 South, State Road 13 in Wabash) in room 102 (south entrance, first room down hallway to the left).There is no cost for the group and it is open to anyone.


IYM recently received over $148,000 from the estate of Lorelei Lacy, member of Anderson First Friends, to establish an endowed scholarship fund for Christian Education.  Lorelei intended for earnings from this endowment to support Friends students demonstrating a personal relationship with Christ and a call to ministry as a pastor or missionary who are attending schools actively seeking to bring students into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and promoting/teaching the reality of living the Spirit-filled life. We are very grateful for this wonderful legacy gift. Lorelei passed away December 4, 2012, at the age of 96.


Pastors Short Course will be held July 1-4 at Quaker Haven. IYM pastors and their families are encouraged to save these dates and plan to attend. “Grasshoppers vs. Giants – Positioning Your Church for Authentic Revival” is this year’s theme. Chuck Mylander, former Superintendent of Southwest Yearly Meeting and recently retired director of Evangelical Friends Missions, will be our speaker. Registration brochures will be available soon. Please encourage your pastor to attend!


Meetings are invited to nominate a member of your meeting to be honored with a “Certificate of Recognition at IYM Sessions in July. An online nomination form is available at http:/www.surveymonkey.

com/s/PXZJGHH or from the “Reports & Forms” menu on


Dane Leitch, First Marion Friends pastor, will go on an archeological dig this summer. He received a competitive fellowship through the Jeeninga Museum at Anderson University to help fund this dig in the Holy Land. If you would also like to help Dane, go to Dane submitted a paper to the Society of Biblical Literature which was accepted, therefore he will travel to Baltimore in November to share it with the largest gathering of biblical scholars in the world (


Quaker Haven is now accepting applications for summer staff positions. They are especially in need of certified lifeguards. Please check the website at for application and reference forms or call 574-834-4193 to have an application sent to you. Interviews now in process.


Friends United Meeting will be hosting many guest this year and is in need of families within driving distance of Richmond, IN, to host guests. If you are willing to host Friends in your home, please contact Kim at 765-962-7573 or

Bob Mantock, 82, passed away March 25. He served as a teacher, principal, superintendent, and Ball State University Director of Facilities Planning and Management. He was named Distinguished Hoosier when he retired in 1994. A member and leader of Friends Memorial Church, he also was active in Indiana Yearly Meeting. He’s survived by his wife of 58 years, Gloria, and four sons and their families.


Ron Bruce, 75, former pastor at Dewart Lake Friends, passed  away on, March 29. He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Mary Kathryn, a son and two daughters, nine grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.


Good Morning,                 

     When my wife’s family gets together, like we did on Easter Sunday, it’s interesting to say the least. We all get along really well and genuinely enjoy being together, but between some very fertile nieces and nephews and a couple grandkids of our own, family gatherings feature nine elementary age children, seven pre-schoolers and more on the way. We find it difficult to reflect on our family gatherings without using the word “chaos!” I have to admit that I sometimes privately miss the simpler days when most of us could all sit down at one or two tables and enjoy uninterrupted conversation. But do I really want to go back to that? Which great niece or great nephew would I wish away? Would I prefer having no grandchildren of my own contributing to the confusion? Of course not! Come to think of it, the chaos of life is really a blessing.

    Years ago before our first child was born a neighbor girl from a family of four came into our neatly arranged  house, looked around, caught her breath, and with a sense of awe said, “You don’t have any kids, do you?”  She was right, but that all changed in 1982 and our home has never been the same!

     When neighbors visit your church do they immediately sense the chaos of life, or the neat orderliness of barrenness? When undisciplined urchins from the community grace the walls of your meetinghouse, do you rejoice in their presence, or lament the loss of simpler days? There’s really no way to give birth painlessly, and church growth without chaos is unlikely. Embrace the chaos!                              Doug Shoemaker



 IYM Upcoming Calendar

4/11   Triennial Host Committee, Liberty Friends, 6:30 pm

4/13   Representative Council, Fairmount Friends, 9 am

4/13   USFW Spring Gathering, Friends Memorial, 9 am

4/15   Nominating Committee, IYM office, 6:30 pm

4/16   Westfield Pastor’s Meeting, Little Blue River Friends, 9:30 am

4/17   Marion Pastor’s Meeting, Sycamore Friends, 9:30 am

4/18   Van Wert Pastor’s Meeting, Portland Friends, 10:30 am

4/21   Winchester Quarterly Meeting, Lynn Friends, 6:30 pm

4/28   Van Wert Quarterly Meeting, Portland, 4 pm

4/30   IYM Trustees, IYM office, 6:30 pm