Welcome to the Indiana Yearly Meeting Website!
Indiana Yearly Meeting of Friends is a uniting of monthly meetings (churches) who have come together to work and witness in the name of Christ.

We seek to do cooperatively the tasks
which can best be done together.

To this end we expect:

To help meetings articulate their Christian Quaker faith by providing statements and queries and by equipping members to be leaders.

To support and encourage living out our faith through Christian education, evangelism, mission outreach, and social concerns, and to support related institutions which serve and of these ends.

To meet annually for worship and business in a manner which will demonstrate our Quaker style of work and worship.

To encourage the recognition, development and exercise of the spiritual gifts of all women and men for the benefit of the body of Christ.

To provide avenues for the financial support of our corporate concerns.

To work through Friends United Meeting on broader shared concerns and to provide a channel for communication and cooperation and other yearly meetings and Friends' organizations.

To challenge our meetings to the vibrant exercise of our faith and the sharing of it to the end that our local churches may grow in vitality and numbers and may establish new meetings.